Meet the President

"Whether you think you can or you cannot, your right!"

headshot-ericEric Forrestal




Eric Forrestal was raised in the small town of East Troy, WI thirty minutes south of Milwaukee. Growing up the youngest in a large family he developed strong values, a great student mentality and a true competitive attitude. Much of his work ethic came from working construction with his family and also athletics.  After high school Eric decided to go to Lakeside School of Massage Therapy and graduated in 2009. He worked as a professional massage therapist for 6 years running his own business before looking for change. Eric found that change by taking an entry level position in a fast paced marketing firm in Milwaukee, WI that had a large opportunity for growth.  The ability to control your income through work ethic and being able to control your how fast you want to move up in into management with there being no seniority and being based on performance was very attractive.  After finding the opportunity Eric quickly excelled in the business with consumer relationships and was not only able to establish a specific marketing structure for himself but was also able to replicate that same system to others consistently to earn his promotion to Assistant Management in July 2013.  After developing a management structure Eric was able to open Gem City Marketing, Incorporated in Dayton, Ohio in October of 2013.  Eric is now able to provide the same management opportunity onto others that he once found in Milwaukee back in late December of 2012.  Also Eric is now able to work with several Fortune 500 and 100 clients and help them acquire and retain a vast array of quality consumers.  Eric states “This is a business of opportunity built on integrity and hard work. It is the only business where you get back 100% of what you put in; from the first day I started I knew this was the last thing I would do for the rest of my life!”



When asked what is behind your drive and ambition, Eric goes to say “There are things you can control and there things that you cannot control.  Only focus on the things you can.  You can control your work ethic and the attitude that you have with it.  So I am ready to do what others will not do right now in order to do what others will not be able to do later.  Success is a controlled choice not an uncontrolled gift.”